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Diamond Tattoo Parlor is home to some of the most gifted tattoo artists and body piercers in the metroplex. Our clients come first as we strive to make your time with us a pleasantly memorable experience. We want you to feel comfortable every step of the way. We are more than happy to answer most questions and can't wait to get started crafting personalized and unique art for you.



Award Winning Tattoo Artist / Piercer / Entrepreneur / Consumer of Knowledge

Paula Diamond is the creative heartbeat of Diamond Tattoo Parlor.

With fifteen years experience in tattooing and piercing, she began her journey with her first apprenticeship at a small shop out in central Texas.  After her apprenticeship was completed she sought a second apprenticeship in Tyler, Texas where she focused not only on her tattooing but piercing as well. She enjoys many styles of tattooing including realism, pointillism, black and grey, and traditional, Although, Neo Traditional and watercolor are her favorite. When not tattooing, piercing, or pursuing other endeavors she spends her time with her family, reading, or drawing. Paula works by appointment only and a $100 non-refundable deposit is required to book an appointment for a tattoo, and a moderate deposit will be required for piercing services. The deposit goes towards the cost of your your service and can be paid online. Book with Paula today - shoot her an email


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Tattoo Artist

Katt is a creative freethinker; art is her passion, conquest, and coping mechanism for life. She started tattooing in 2011 and hopes to reflect a cohesive appreciation for the human form in her tattoo work. Tattoos are often very important and personal, she strives to create the best work possible for her clients' by reflecting their ideas through her artistic lens. Nature, Women, Sci-Fi, Symmetry, and Animation are some of her favorite subjects. She also enjoys charcoal, and painting with acrylics or water color and is available for custom artwork and paintings as well. Katt works by appointment only with a non-refundable deposit required - that deposit can be paid online and goes toward the cost of your tattoo. Book with Katt today by sending her an email!


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Tattoo Artist 

Jamie Moon gets uncomfortable talking about herself, because she's as humble as they come. She has amazing hair (check the pic) and she's been tattooing since 2016 at Diamond Tattoo Parlor, where she completed her apprenticeship in body piercing and tattooing. She has been an artist all her life, and counts it as the only thing she's ever actually enjoyed spending her time on. In more personal interests, she spends her time doing yoga, watching true crime documentaries and hanging with her family, and her dog, Luna. She has no idea what she would call her ever-evolving style of tattooing, and in the 'most Jamie' thing I've ever heard she referred to it as 'exceptionally mediocre.' (we disagree)

Jamie works by appointment only and requires a deposit which can be paid virtually. To inquire about pricing and booking, email her here.


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Tattoo Artist & Permanent Cosmetics Artist

Elise has been an artist of many forms since a young age. Painting was her primary and favorite medium until she found tattooing in 2009. She was Paula's first tattoo apprentice and they opened Diamond Tattoo Parlor together in 2011. She had gone on to be a  part of a very successful graphic design team at a vape manufacturing company before finally making her way back to her first career love. She practices in permanent cosmetics (brows), and enjoys tattooing many different styles, but loves designing custom pieces and helping her clients vision come true. In her free time she loves to spend time with her partner and their dogs and practice aerial arts and fire eating.

To set up an appointment with Elise, shoot her an email!


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Tattoo Artist  & Body Piercer

Gen describes herself as goofy, awarely awkward and passionate. They love working on cars, motorcycles, and projects with her husband. Playing DND, watching anime, reading fantasy novels and lounging by large bodies of water are some of their favorite past times. When it comes to tattooing she feels that her style of tattoos can vary as it is important to them that they produce art for their clients that is undeniably "them", but indiscriminately *ours.* Although they are versed in many styles, they prefer American Traditional, Floral and Blackwork. 

Gen is available for walk ins Wednesday - Saturday from 11am-7pm and also accepts appointments if you have a specific day/time that is best suited for you! email her here.


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